"Master Plan"

When an idea, concept and ultimately architectural drawing is rendered, most refer to it as a “master plan.” This is just the beginning. It is the ability to see beyond drawings, lines and figures to see what a track of land, historic land, can become. The Bridges is such a place.

Once the historic beginning and building blocks of Roanoke and its industrial and thriving business base began here over 100 years ago. Today, this track of land where it began is run down to historic ruins with a vision towards the future will once again revitalize, energize and live again to be, once again, part of Roanoke’s history and pride where people will come together to create their own history.

This vision is now a reality and with respect to history and an eye on vision and history the Bridges will transform eight city blocks at the historic base of Mill Mountain. The Bridges also will connect five major downtown districts. This $200,000-plus million investment will be a part of history, the present and the future.

You will make your own history here. Saunders + Crouse is proud to be part of the story. Some history has referred to this area as “Magic City.”

Services Rendered

  • Strategic Master Planning
  • Community Visioning
  • Transit-Oriented Development
  • Infill/ Revitalization
  • Sustainable Development
  • Urban Lifestyle Architecture
  • Open Space/ Greenways
  • Parking Strategy
  • Re-zoning
  • Urban Standards
  • Workshops/ Public Input
  • Presentation Materials

Construction Value

  • $150 Million

Project Mix Statistics

  • Residential 500 +/- Units
  • Retail/ Dining/ Entertainment Space 25,000 +/- SF
  • Office Space 250,000 +/- SF
  • Parking Strs. 6 Decks