"...journey outside Richmond"

It took a lot of vision to journey outside Richmond, down Broad Street, toward Charlottesville and see a track of farmland and stop and see the vision of a special place for a ground up history making development attracting businesses, retailers, community and residents.

One person had such a vision and today Innsbrook is over 850 acres and is like its own city, a complete community and it is not going to stop there. The Innsbrook Owners Association selected Burrell Saunders to imagine, invent and explore the future possibilities. On Innsbrook’s “NEXT” phase for this community that is the largest concentration of employees and businesses just outside of downtown Richmond. This place is home to the Corporate Games, the longest running midweek concert series in the state, fundraisers, triathlons, charity walks, political rallies, three lakes, five miles of jogging trails and it doesn’t stop there. When you’re number one, you need to keep reinventing and Innsbrook is planning for today and the future by working closely with members of the SCA team to get it all right for the next generation of development, where this history making development will continue to make history.

"NEXT" Development Guidelines and Visioning:

Innsbrook is an 850-acre major mixed-used development home to over 400 high-caliber companies driven by a dedicated workforce of 22,000 employees and growing. Innsbrook is comprised of a diverse business landscape that supports the needs of the community and businesses positioning Innsbrook as the current and future leader in job retention and expansion.

Social Sustainability

Provide an environment which encourages social mixing so that people can meet with friends, family, and fellow workers in a public environment, for both casual and formal events. Encourages the exchange of ideas and information by serving as a principal location for government use, a venue for cultural activity and for education.

Environmental Sustainability

Smart development practices that achieve energy efficiency and environmental stewardship through their efficient use of land resources, full integration of urban services, compatible mix of uses, fully integrated transportation system in a compact community.

Services Rendered

  • Strategic master planning with a 20 year vision
  • Community visioning
  • Develop city form with architecture framing public realm
  • Create a central park system, utilizing lakes and adjacent green areas
  • Establish a broad range of uses to create a modern, urban city center
  • Establish an urban street grid
  • Create walkable mixed-use districts
  • Connect districts with alternative transportation options: transit, bike, shuttles, pedestrian
  • Establish shared parking strategy for conversion of large lots into infill development with parking structures
  • Create entertainment/ cultural arts district
  • Integration of recreational facilities